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Searching for, filing for, bidding and constructing new broadcast stations, low power stations and translators upgrading existing facilities in power, quality or coverage,addition of IBOC to radio broadcast or DTV for the television world, Scope+Focus, Inc. can project manage, aggregate, integrate or install.
In the wireless realm, look to us to provide consultation on wireless networking, wired/wireless interface, cellular construction and
detuning, streaming and multicast distribution for consumer or corporate use.


                                                         Our Technology Capabilities

What We Do

Who We've Worked For

Special Designs

Special Projects

Broadcast Technology Info and Formulas

NRSC Measurements


Frequency searches for new channels - all broadcast media & broadcast auxiliary services
Transmission system design, specification, and installation
IP audio - for studio and remotes

IBOC conversions
STL installations
Power increases and site moves
Unipole conversions
Studio design and installation
Technical field service, NRSC compliance, IBOC measurements troubleshooting, equipment "proofs"
Translator searches, applications and installation
Directional antenna proof of performance
Cellular tower detuning and re-radiation measurements

Current and past clients include:
WLAK, Chicago
WXFM, Chicago
WWMM, Arlington Heights, IL
WYEN, Des Plaines, IL
WJJG, Elmhurst, IL
WMUF, Paris, TN
WLZK, Paris, TN
WHDM, McKenzie, TN
WIRO.WITO, Ironton, OH
WKCC, Grayson, KY
WMKY, Morehead, KY
WSQR, Sycamore, IL
WCLL, Chillicothe, IL
WIVS, Crystal Lake, IL
WPNA, Chicago, IL
WLUW, Chicago, IL
WRTE, Chicago, IL
WHPK, Chicago, IL
Pineville Community College
NOAA Weather Service
FEMA RDBS Alert Services

Arbitron Radio Measurements


Planning/management, of first 10/10kw completely redundant transmission system
Design and installation of first digitally controlled audio console for broadcast
Installation of first externally referenced tower lighting warning system
First use of SCA for digital transmission of AM audio
Integrated remote broadcast system using broadband wireless connections

The company has a long history of custom-designed hardware and software for broadcast, created to solve specific problems (often to satisfy FCC requirements) for stations.

Custom hardware includes:
Silence sensor with auto sequencer
Cart machine auto countdown
Phasing system of noise cancellation for reel-to-reel recording
Specialized chokes for tower isolation
Sampling line integrator for AM directional facilities
Custom transient suppression
Digital antenna switch management
Specialized remote control interface

Time Warner Cable
Corkscrew Productions, LLC
Benton Weatherford Bdcst. of TN

Local commercial insertion
Video streaming - "Live@17"
World feed of golf tournaments folding multiple cameras into backhaul feed
Audio and video streaming & podcasts
Video streaming optimization
IP audio and audio streaming



Scope+Focus, Inc. brings together experts from the world of technology.  Our goals:
ffer clients access to the very best, most knowledgable, most responsive and most easily understood professionals in the media world.
Save clients money by providing access to this talent on an outsource, consulting basis - No Overhead, No "Loaded" Salaries - just solutions.
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